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The Challenge

Speed, temperature and cost. We routinely are asked to heat metal parts safely & rapidly, with consistent temperature throughout the part. Our customers need to accomplish this in a manner, that is continuously usable and with the ability to monitor both of time and temperature. While we need to monitor the time and temp, we also needed to set precise control points in order to provide consistency in repeated use and minimize any risk of overheating damage. Fast is not always the best answer!

A Low Frequency Approach

Low Frequency Solution

We developed the Easytherm 60 “Special” for our customer to heat roll rings in a precise controlled manner yet with a system powerful enough to allow multiple parts to be heated in one machine cycle. Utilizing a part cradle and sliding yoke arrangement, we teamed our state of the art controls with 63A power to provide a robust solution. Built to work with the customer’s assembly requirements, the Easytherm 60 Special can run 3 shift every day without the need for any cooling.

The Middle Frequency Approach

Mid Frequency Solution

After receiving sample parts form our customer, we developed together a spec and began testing the best approach toward heating the part in the time frame needed. As the part was a solid casting, faster localized heating provided by the EasyHeat induction system allowed us to manufacturing a special coil that applied a heavy induction field to the inner bore of the part and rapidly heated the entire surface.

Mid Frequency Solution

Once enough time was allowed for the part to stabilize and soak, the coil was removed and a large planetary assembly was placed in the main bore. This entire process saved the customer over 12+ hours furnace and assembly time. Once the gear assembly was placed in the carrier, final complete assembly begin on the gear box housing. No need for the part to cool down!!

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All Modes of Transportation

Aviation, Rail transport, Road, Cable, Pipeline, Ship, Space

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Construction, Structural, Geotechnical, Transportation, Water Resource, Environmental, Municipal, Coastal, Tunnel, Material

Rolling Mills, Metals, Materials and Machinery


Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard

Food and Beverage, Agriculture

Construction Divisions

Concrete, Metals, Equipment, Special Construction, Mechanical

Pulp and Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Tannery

  • Increased Production Time 80%
  • Lower Energy Costs 50%
  • Fast Return on Investment 100%
  • Easy to Operate and Control 100%

The Results Have Been Amazing

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!
We had some maintenance that needed to be done and TM Induction Heating stuck in there with our crazy schedule and always makes time for us.  As a company we are so happy with TM and everyone we have had contact with in the company.  True professionals. Sonya Z

Amazing customer service with TM.  I was able to find a solution to our maintenance problem and also save the company time and money.  That helped me and the company.  Thanks TM Induction Heating! Luke C

I was surprised when Rick called and wanted to schedule a time for him to come out and help install and train the staff on how to use our new equipment.  What a great addition to a great piece of machinery.  We are so pleased and confident that we made the right choice. Ed V