ISO 9001:2008 Certified


Certificate No. SA 24074673

Certificate Number:SA 24074673
Certificate Type:ISO 9001
Certificate Holder:T & M Techniek B.V.

Nobelstraat 14

Scope:The development, production, service and sales of induction heating equipment used for the heating of parts (made of ferrous or non-ferrous metals) in industrial areas for production, maintenance and repairs.


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Management System
Companies using this keyword indicate that not a product has been tested and certified, but aspects of their management system have been audited and certified. The numbers listed together with “Certified Management System” indicate what standards the top management demonstrated its commitment to apply. Common examples are:

Quality of products or services: ISO 9001

Quality of automotive suppliers: ISO/TS 16949

Quality of medical devices: ISO 13485

Environmental Management: ISO 14001 For technical reasons, our logo in the TUVdotCOM listing currently may not show the standards, but below the ID, the list of certificates shows the standard families.


ISO 9001:2008
ISO 9001 is the standard for quality management systems, one of the best known standards issued by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization.

These voluntary standards are concerned with quality management, this means with all that the organization does to ensure that its products and services conform to the customer’s requirements and achieve customer satisfaction.


ISO 9001


Target groups and purpose

An effective quality management system takes into consideration the specific requirements and outlooks within the company. The strong focus on business processes in ISO 9001 makes it an ideal basis for a QM system in any industry or company, from start-up to global player.


Continuous improvements as a basis for business development

A quality management system certified in line with ISO 9001 establishes an integrated control circuit. It ensures ongoing development through a continuous improvement process (CIP). A focus on quality becomes the basis for further developing in the company.


Requirements of the management system

  • Process orientation:

Measures always follow a set workflow: plan – implement – monitor – improve.

  • System orientation:

The company learns to understand the interactions between all processes. You recognize them as

one integrated system and control them accordingly.

  • Continual improvement:

Ongoing  improvement becomes the central goal for the company.

  • A pragmatic approach to decision making:

The decisions you make are based on the systematic analysis of data and information.


Requirements of company and employee management

  • Management:

The company management sets uniform goals and outlines the internal company organization. This

enables employees to concentrate fully on achieving the goals you have set for them.

  • Employee participation:

The employees are included in the quality management process, which enables their competencies

to be utilized for the company’s benefit.


Requirements for customer and supplier relationships

  • Customer focus:

The company understands the requirements of its customers. You want to meet or even exceed

these requirements.

  • Supplier relationships for mutual benefits:

The company and its suppliers are mutually dependent. Together, they can create win/win

situations that result in added values for both sides.