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Your Custom Build

You’re in the right place if you are looking for painless mounting and dismounting heating solutions. With TM Induction Heating it’s easy to complete these tasks with a perfect fit.

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Custom Designing and manufacturing tailor-made heating equipment for industrial purpose is our specialty!

Product Description

Through a collaborative process, TM Induction Heating will build or alter any existing TM Induction Heater to your specifications.  We have experience building induction solutions for a variety of unique applications and across many industries.

our process

One of our customers asked for an uniform, gradual, quick, and silent heating method for their gears and synchro groups. During the initiation process we discussed the desired specifications with the customer. In order to ensure a perfect match with the exisiting production line of our customer, we performed several experiments. The subsequent test results help determine the optimal heating performance. Our customer completed metallurgical checks on the parts, making certain the heating system did not alter the material. Our customer was now able to order a heating system with confidence, knowing it will meet all their expectations. TM Induction Heating is not only a supplier, but an active technical partner in your project.
We can advise you on both standard and specially designed equipment for usage in production or maintenance departments.

Both our low and mid frequency induction heating equipment are suited for a wide range of applications. If you need something to fit your specific needs; let us help you out.



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