EasyTherm 500

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What do you do when one of your crusher rolls needs maintenance? Getting a mill repaired can be a tiresome operation. Sending the mills back to the manufacturer can cost you a lot of time and shipping costs. That’s exactly what happened at our client’s, until the contacted us.

Asking for a customised heater to do this job we quickly set up some guidelines. We wanted to create a solution that is cheaper than the conventional methods (e.g. using an oven or torches) and has a relatively small environmental footprint.

“We wanted to take matters into our own hands, enabling us to cut both costs and downtime.”

Controlled and tension-free heating is a high priority as well. To avoid tension we wanted a heating process with a maximum of 1°C per 5 minutes. The results of our hard work can be found in the easyTherm 500, a heater that can heat a 100 ton mill up to 200°C in 17 hours with a power consumption of only 700 KW.

Using a Siemens touchpad with custom software, the heater gives the user a guaranteed tension-free and controlled process. Designed specifically for the mining industry, it’s able to heat up parts with a outer diameter, ranging from 500 mm up to 2000 mm. The height of the part can range from 1000 mm up to 2000 mm.


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