Easyheat 305

A very desirable characteristic of induction heating is its ability to heat only a small portion of a workpiece. Offering advantages where it is unnecessary – or undesirable –  to heat the whole part. Mid frequency heaters (20 – 200 Khz) offer a much lesser penetration of the heat than low frequency heaters do. Therefore, this technique suits a whole different range of applications. Starting from loosening shrink fit connections to dismantling waltzes.

Product Description

A touch screen, intuitive interface allows for easy access of the settings and clear feedback of the process. The interface is equipped with multiple languages, to offer maximum user comfort. Datalogging is available for each method. So you can document the heating of the parts, for your product documentation and optimal quality assurance.


Active Power3.5 KW
Facility Power110 – 230 V / 8.6 A / 50/60 Hz
Temperature ControlSingle
Dimensions250 x 140 x 230 mm / 9.8 x 5.5 x 9”
Weight5 kg / 11 lbs


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