Frequently Asked Questions

How long of a turn around from order to delivery?

Typically orders can be filled from stock within our Parker CO warehouse. Custom orders will normally see build and transport times between 3-10 weeks depending on the equipment needs.

What is your refund policy?

All stock heaters are provided with a 36 month warranty.  We will do everything in our power to make sure the heater chosen works for you as designed.  If there is a problem that we cannot solve, we will provide an RMA number and refund the purchased price minus a 25% stocking fee. The customer is responsible for freight.  We reserve the right to withhold a further percentage of the refund due to and damage to the heater in operation or transport.

What is the typical power consumption?

While the TM line of induction heaters is the most efficient heaters on the market today, they will require power to heat the parts.  Within the specifications of each heater is the kVA rating for a worst case situation (no part, no cross bar, power on)  The owner will see significantly less power draw when actually heating a part with the correct bar size.  Part size and geometry dictates the power consumption. 


What type of maintenance is included?

With each TM product, the manual dictates the required maintenance need to ensure efficient operation.  Typically this includes yoke bar alignment, yoke adjustment, lubrication, etc.

What is the warranty on your induction heaters?

Standard heater products come with a 36 month warranty.  The items covered within the warranty are outlined in the manual for each piece of equipment.  All custom products will have a their own warranty conditions.