“Business optimism is sky high”

TM Induction Heating has a base in the United States of America. Recent events there have the whole world mesmerized. Time to have a chat with Rick Trichka, Vice President of Sales in the US. Not just to ask him how things are developing, but to learn how businesses in the United States are warming up to the technique of induction heating as well.

“Business optimism is sky high,” says Trichka when asked about the sentiment in the market. “Companies that we have been trying to get a hold of, now are calling us. Lots of businesses are picking up and the latest monthly job report indicates 100.000 more jobs have been created than anticipated.” Investments in crucial markets had been on hold for several years. But Trichka sees these markets, such as the automotive, mining industry, and steel are opening up and calling for quotations.


Trichka has been with the company for over 12 years, so he has seen a bit of the market development for TM Induction Heating. “The mining industry has had it very hard, the last few years, but now we see new investments for the service industries, which is good for our business. And for the automotive business we learn that Ford and GM have decided to bring production back to the US because of anticipated tax policy changes. It is a tough market with a lot of competition and they use mainly mid frequency devices. We have had some requests from these companies and that in itself is a good sign.” The new administration has given companies a one-time waver to repatriate their money back to the US. Trichka says taxes are being brought in line with other countries which makes producing in the US more attractive.

Wind industry

“A market where TM Induction Heating equipment is really in high demand is the wind turbines industry. One of our customers, Vestas, is a market leader and they seem to be getting really busy. There is a lot of work needing done on the service side of the wind turbines industry and there we see a lot of new equipment needed. We have been quoting a lot of the bigger equipment recently.” Booming especially is the subway carriage building. “New York City transit has built the subway carts for the New York subway. They have set up a traction motor rebuild shop and concerted the entire shop. They skipped ovens and switched to our products with special as well as standard heaters. They have a lot of visitors, professional and private, admiring their standards and we get very good publicity from that.  We seem to be becoming the new household name in that market,” he smiles when stating this. “They are doing tests for others and recommend our equipment, so we are quite happy, they act as regular ambassadors.”

Rebuild shops

Another strong market Trichka sees for induction heating equipment is the Electric Motor Rebuild shops. “Quality is very important for this specific application. They have seen that our equipment is very reliable and robust. The heating is of a constant high quality and very securely controlled. This means a very low risk of damaging parts and a very predictable result of their activities. And from every new business we see immediate spin-off occurring. But because we have a dealer network, I sometimes do not even know for what specific applications our heaters are being used. Luckily all our dealers are well very knowledgeable so we don’t have to worry.”

Trichka says huge infrastructure projects are coming up. “These are now being taken on in public and private partnerships. People and companies have a restored faith in our economy and all in all we see a real boost for business. I am very pleased!”


Do you have a unique heating application?  Look to TM Induction Heating for a fast, flexible , accurate means to apply heat. In the application pictured below,  TM was asked to meet a critical heating rate for an expected production line.  Utilizing our water cooled EasyHeat 35KW Induction Heating System with a custom made coil, we met the target with excess capacity for future time reductions.  The system operates 3 shift per day and has been in service for 3+ years requiring only minor maintenance.

If you are using large ovens, torches, baths or other methods, please let us present you with the latest in heating technology.

TM Induction Heating Large Induction Heater Onsite

Large Commercial Industrial Induction Heater


Meet Indy 500 winner Arie Luyendyk at the Holland High Tech pavilion # E-5662  

We look forward to welcoming Indy car racer Arie Luyendyk at our pavilion on September Tuesday 13th at the IMTS show in Chicago. Please use one of four opportunities to meet an exceptional sportsman and find out more about the Dutch companies present at IMTS 2016.

holland tech arie

Luyendyk was an Indy car star for nearly two decades, earning CART and Indianapolis 500 rookie of the year honors in 1985. He won seven races, including the 1990 and 1997 Indianapolis 500s. The “Flying Dutchman” still holds the Indianapolis Motor Speedway one- and four-lap track speed records set in 1996. He was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America in 2014. In recent years, Luyendyk has served as an INDYCAR pace car driver. Nowadays, he is active as a race steward for IndyCar.

holland imts
Meet the Dutch Manufacturing Industry
The Dutch high-tech systems and materials sector offers pragmatic solutions for technological challenges in the areas of health and well being, security, renewable energy, mobility and climate change. These solutions that are primarily found in cross-overs in technology and collaboration. Companies and knowledge institutes in the high tech sector are renowned for their technological excellence and are among the world’s best in their market segments and niches.
The Koninklijke Metaalunie and the Netherlands Consulate General in Chicago present a Dutch business delegation with broad expertise in the field of automation, control systems to monitor processes, computer technologies, high precision technologies, new industrial platform technologies (e.g., composite materials) etc. The Dutch pavilion is the place to meet your new business partner.The following Dutch companies are present in the pavilion:
Bemet International BV – BetechDutch Diamond Technologies BV – Elcee GroupMachinefabriek Amersfoort Movexx – Pcendmill.com – Scherpenzeel Metaalbewerkingsbedrijf – TM Techniek

Program September, Tuesday 13th:
Arie Luyendyk will relate his experience in professional sports to the requirements for outperforming in entrepreneurship and technology. There will be four sessions of 45 minutes at 10am, 11am, 1pm and 3pm, each followed by a signing session.

4 pm – 5 pm: Dutch Happy Hour





Roller Stock Bearing removal.

Before machining the wheels of rolling stock, the bearing rings (NU and NUP) and the labyrinth rings have to be dismantled. This is important for the customer as the rings must be dismantled without damage for reuse.

Solution TM: By sliding an induction coil over the inner ring or labyrinth ring and connecting it to a mid-frequency generator, we are able to heat only the inner ring while the shaft stays cool. After heating it is easy to slide the ring and coil from the shaft.          

Advantage: Inner ring can be used again, no damage or overheating.

                   Induction coil is relative light and easy to handle.

    A continuously “Temperature Controlled” heating and dismounting process, no chance of overheating the ring or shaft

Brochure Rolling stock 08292016

Large Gear Rim Heating – No Problem


Assemble Gear Rim Shipyard

Customer Request:       A large shipyard in the Netherlands asked us to find a solution for the safe, fast, tension free heating of a gear rim (ø4000mm) prior to mounting on a winch.

Solution TM:                  TM offered our low frequency induction heater; Easytherm 250-coil. This is an approved heater used in several environments where massive parts are assembled, like the Wind power industry, mining industry etc.

Advantage:                    The TM Easytherm 250-coil is a standard solution, suitable for different parts with a minimum bore of 500 to a 1000mm. The purchase price is relative low against other heating methods. Small heater dimensions allow easy placement in the workshop.  Power consumption is low.  It took 15 minutes to heat this part to 80°C with minimal power consumption.

Clink the link for the full story: Brochure Gear Rim Heater 08242016



Induction Heating System with double sensor technique

Increased heating quality of metallic work pieces with a central opening and round closed form.

bearing picture dual sensor 


This article describes a newly developed method for induction heating devices.  The developed by TM Induction Heating, increases the quality of heating metallic workpieces that form a closed round shape with a central opening (bearing, gears, etc.).  Throughout the entire warming process, temperature of the inner, as well as outer regions, are continuously monitored and control power is adapted to insure an optimum temperature differential, negating work piece damage due to residual stress.


Classic induction heaters control the heating process by only monitoring temperature of the inner region (bearing inner ring).  Temperature of the outer ring is neglected.  This runs the risk that the two rings will not expand evenly (see figure 1).  If the inner ring heats too rapidly in relation to the outer ring, large mechanical stresses between rings and roller elements will occur.  Damage related to cracks, fractures, or pitting may go unnoticed, reducing the life of the product.  One possible method to control this is, is heating in a controlled ramp mode.  Experience and careful attention are required to make sure the process differential is within allowable specifications.  Differences in work pieces make this method difficult and inappropriate in most situations.

Grafik 1

Figure 1

In view of increasing quality demands on the world market, TM Induction Heating has developed Dual Sensor Control to solve this problem.  Not only the inner region, but also the outter region temperatures are monitored with a corresponding power adjustment to maintain the optimal expansion ratio.  The new SURETHERM heaters provide the operator with a digital readout and graph representation of the heating process through the entire cycle. (see chart 2) This has proven to lead to increased operating life and allows for documented process quality control, ensuring the optimal ratio of heating time and power consumption.

Grafik 2

Figure 2

The new SURETHERM models will arrive in the US market this summer.  Be sure to contact your local representative or call us at 720-266-4403 for more information.









article translated and adapted from a publication by:

Dipl. Ing. Jaroslaw Mazankiewicz (FH)


i-Technik Geräte für Produktion

Dr.-Gottfried-Cremer-Allee 30/7

D-50226 Frechen


TM Fitting Tool Set

TM Fitting Tool Set

For a safe, precise, quick mechanical mounting of bearings, bushings, sealing rings and pulleys. This set is usable for more than 230 sizes with bores from 10 to 50mm. The TM Fitting Tool Set consists of three special aluminium impact sleeves, 33 synthetic impact-resistant collets and a dead blow hammer, delivered in a robust plastic case.

02_fittingtool 01_fittingtool 03_fittingtool 04_fittingtool

Bearings must be supported on the inner AND outer rings to avoid unnecessary damage.  The TM Collets ensure mounting forces are not transmitted through the balls or rollers. Through the use of impact resistant synthetic collets metal to metal contact is avoided.

fitting diagram

The TM Fitting Tool collets are made from the highest quality materials to eliminate cracking and maintain a flat impact surface.  We supply our set with the most usable sizes and each collect attaches to the mandrel in a “click” and hold method.

Check our prices, they are the best on the market today.

Bearing Production using Induction Heating

Built for a major bearing manufacturing company – TM Induction Heating supplied a complete heating solution to handle a variety of outer ring diameters all in one machine.  Now assembly of ball or roller elements are streamlined in a “Just in Time” manufacturing flow.  Utilizing the controlled application of low frequency induction power, TM Induction developed this special heater to meet the “1 minute” customer requirement and allow for easy integration within an existing work cell.  


If you have an application like this or need assistance with other heating needs – feel free to give us a call.


Electric Motor Repair & Manufacturing

Are you an Electric Motor OEM or Repair facility?

Are you in need of a quick repeatable solution for assembly.

We can offer solutions with built in flexibility to handle a multitude of applications.


Picture1Picture3IR_0497 100_0237 visit7 STATOR_01 Rotor Auto _104




TM Induction Heating has recently developed a special heater for wind power maintenance applications.  Designed to be carried up into the tower when performing maintenance on generator bearings, the EasyTherm 3.5UT is a powerful 120VAC solution for heating the new replacement parts.

Up Tower Heater & Generator Bearing

Up Tower Heater & Generator Bearing

Up tower Heater with Case

Up tower Heater with Case

We have shortened the poles and modified the inner components to provide a fast, safe solution with temperature control when working Up Tower.  Integrated with a rugged carrying case and lifting mechanism, the Up Tower heater makes sure it arrives in one piece to the site and gets up to the work location ready to perform.  Click on the link below for more information.

Introducing ET3 5T_WindPower

Call us if you have any questions or need performance data.

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Portable Power House EasyTherm 2

EasyTherm2 with ToolCase

EasyTherm 2 with Tool Case

Do you have a need for a portable solution?  

Are you concerned about protection of you new Induction Heater.

TM Induction has the answer for you.

Housed in a rugged plastic carrying case, the EasyTherm 2 is supported by high density foam for the best overall protection against damage during transport.  Also included are lifting points and a sturdy carrying handle.

See the link below for more information on the EasyTherm 2 and what it can do for you!

Specs ET2_120VAC 2016

Do you have an interesting application?

Do you have an interesting application?

Let us look at your application.  We have years of experience working with industry to find the best controlled heating solutions.  Whether its automotive, maintenance, marine, or even food processing – we likely have done it or have a similar experience.  Are you freezing parts to shrink?  Heating in ovens? Using a torch?

Give us a call – we’d love to help you out.


ET30Vert - Extended Base

ET30Vert – Extended Base