Roller Stock Bearing removal.

Before machining the wheels of rolling stock, the bearing rings (NU and NUP) and the labyrinth rings have to be dismantled. This is important for the customer as the rings must be dismantled without damage for reuse.

Solution TM: By sliding an induction coil over the inner ring or labyrinth ring and connecting it to a mid-frequency generator, we are able to heat only the inner ring while the shaft stays cool. After heating it is easy to slide the ring and coil from the shaft.          

Advantage: Inner ring can be used again, no damage or overheating.

                   Induction coil is relative light and easy to handle.

    A continuously “Temperature Controlled” heating and dismounting process, no chance of overheating the ring or shaft

Brochure Rolling stock 08292016

Large Gear Rim Heating – No Problem


Assemble Gear Rim Shipyard

Customer Request:       A large shipyard in the Netherlands asked us to find a solution for the safe, fast, tension free heating of a gear rim (ø4000mm) prior to mounting on a winch.

Solution TM:                  TM offered our low frequency induction heater; Easytherm 250-coil. This is an approved heater used in several environments where massive parts are assembled, like the Wind power industry, mining industry etc.

Advantage:                    The TM Easytherm 250-coil is a standard solution, suitable for different parts with a minimum bore of 500 to a 1000mm. The purchase price is relative low against other heating methods. Small heater dimensions allow easy placement in the workshop.  Power consumption is low.  It took 15 minutes to heat this part to 80°C with minimal power consumption.

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