TM Fitting Tool Set

TM Fitting Tool Set

For a safe, precise, quick mechanical mounting of bearings, bushings, sealing rings and pulleys. This set is usable for more than 230 sizes with bores from 10 to 50mm. The TM Fitting Tool Set consists of three special aluminium impact sleeves, 33 synthetic impact-resistant collets and a dead blow hammer, delivered in a robust plastic case.

02_fittingtool 01_fittingtool 03_fittingtool 04_fittingtool

Bearings must be supported on the inner AND outer rings to avoid unnecessary damage.  The TM Collets ensure mounting forces are not transmitted through the balls or rollers. Through the use of impact resistant synthetic collets metal to metal contact is avoided.

fitting diagram

The TM Fitting Tool collets are made from the highest quality materials to eliminate cracking and maintain a flat impact surface.  We supply our set with the most usable sizes and each collect attaches to the mandrel in a “click” and hold method.

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