Bearing Production using Induction Heating

Built for a major bearing manufacturing company – TM Induction Heating supplied a complete heating solution to handle a variety of outer ring diameters all in one machine.  Now assembly of ball or roller elements are streamlined in a “Just in Time” manufacturing flow.  Utilizing the controlled application of low frequency induction power, TM Induction developed this special heater to meet the “1 minute” customer requirement and allow for easy integration within an existing work cell.  


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TM Induction Heating has recently developed a special heater for wind power maintenance applications.  Designed to be carried up into the tower when performing maintenance on generator bearings, the EasyTherm 3.5UT is a powerful 120VAC solution for heating the new replacement parts.

Up Tower Heater & Generator Bearing

Up Tower Heater & Generator Bearing

Up tower Heater with Case

Up tower Heater with Case

We have shortened the poles and modified the inner components to provide a fast, safe solution with temperature control when working Up Tower.  Integrated with a rugged carrying case and lifting mechanism, the Up Tower heater makes sure it arrives in one piece to the site and gets up to the work location ready to perform.  Click on the link below for more information.

Introducing ET3 5T_WindPower

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Portable Power House EasyTherm 2

EasyTherm2 with ToolCase

EasyTherm 2 with Tool Case

Do you have a need for a portable solution?  

Are you concerned about protection of you new Induction Heater.

TM Induction has the answer for you.

Housed in a rugged plastic carrying case, the EasyTherm 2 is supported by high density foam for the best overall protection against damage during transport.  Also included are lifting points and a sturdy carrying handle.

See the link below for more information on the EasyTherm 2 and what it can do for you!

Specs ET2_120VAC 2016

Do you have an interesting application?

Do you have an interesting application?

Let us look at your application.  We have years of experience working with industry to find the best controlled heating solutions.  Whether its automotive, maintenance, marine, or even food processing – we likely have done it or have a similar experience.  Are you freezing parts to shrink?  Heating in ovens? Using a torch?

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ET30Vert - Extended Base

ET30Vert – Extended Base